Monday, April 19, 2010

small update on Jennifer (Mom) and M&M (Mia and Madden)

Sorry it has taken so long for the update. There has been ALOT going on in the Marrone Family in the past few months. Since the fundraiser on March 26th the Marrone Family has been in process of moving from their home to a bigger one and packing for the move to Philli. As of April 5th Jennifer has been living in Philli at the Ronald McDonald House. She has poor cell service and we hare barely able to get in touch with her. As far as I know she is doing well, few contractions here and there but she is doing fine. Last time I spoke with Jennifer she has been to the doctor the day before and both Mia and Madden were weighing in at over 4 pounds each. Mia a little smaller than Madden but she is still a solid 4 pounds. Which is very good for her situation. She has been scheduled for a c-section for May 10th 2010 if the babies will stay in that long. Like I said before sorry it took so long for the update but its so hard to get in touch with her. As soon as I (Jennifer Snyder Mince) or Tara has spoken with Jennifer we will update more. All the prayers and support are much needed for this part of the journey. It is very close and we are all waiting to meet Mia and Madden.

*Message from Tara Surrency via the "HLHS Heart Hugs for Mia" facebook group*