Thursday, July 8, 2010

GI News

So yesterday was Mia's GI appointment with Dr. Morris. He put her on a new medication called Zegerid. It is Prilosec with a buffing agent. The buffing agent caused the medicine to go directly into the bloodstream. It can be given at mealtime which is an advantage. The medicine was developed because stomach medicine in children is not always absorbed properly because thier tummy's are never empty. He kept her on the Bethanechol. So hopefully this is it! PRAY!!! If not she may have to go on perscription formula. We will all know more in about 7 days. The twins had thier immunizations yesterday and they did well. No fever or side effects. You will also notice that I posted 2 music videos on the blog. My cousin told me about them and I feel like my fellow heart moms can relate to them. Jesus take the wheel is how I have learned to have to live life. It is hard to live life so uncertain. I am gonna post one more from carrie underwood...please watch it. It talks about how this is our temporary home. Great perspective for heart parents. Well the kids are screaming time to run. Oh I forgot....I wanted to thank all of my friends that reached out to us last week with all of the reflux advice. You saved me from insanity!!!

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